We’ve understood the struggle in the market to sell your merchandise internationally and with ease, so we have decided to facilitate this gap in the market by launching ParlourTree.
We are what you call a ‘collective partnership’ we provide the platform, you the product and we both push each other. We want to give you the tools to buy, sell and trade internationally and a chance to expand your business further than before.


Artists, Suppliers & other people within the industry can create their own online tattoo store and sell internationally while being able to manage everything in the backend with incredible features to boost your sales!

ParlourTree aims to be the largest sourcing website in the world for tattoo related products providing a direct line with a large number and variety of suppliers from all over the globe. This empowers users by providing the fastest and easiest route to selling on an international​ level enabling users to reaching markets which weren’t accessible before

Artists, suppliers & other users wanting to open their own store; you’ll require verification to unlock full potential of each store by creating it and sharing it via your social networks within 14 days of creation. This way we can verify each user without running into problems of duplicates.


ParlourTree unites the industry into one place, promotes businesses within the industry and facilitates buy, sell and trading in the market whilst providing the opportunity and the platform to small business owners to expand and showcase their business on an international level.

This allows artists and regular users to purchase & sell industry products with ease in one place where the industry unites.

Anybody can create an account & start selling their used or new products with anyone globally!


Secure & safe – company profile reviews etc provide an in-depth analysis for you to do business with a new supplier.

For artists this is helping them get directly to the source instead of potentially buying knock off products or having to wait weeks for their local supplier to purchase the products

Suppliers can connect on a global level and be able to sell to their full potential due to good product reviews, new customers, accessibility to new markets due to payment options.

For wholesale, we have to verify and do our compliance checks to ensure safe trade within ParlourTree. If you wish to become a wholesale, please apply by emailing us or registering directly on our website and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours!


Artists, suppliers, models, collectors & others have the option to auction their products via our website reaching a global market and higher selling potential.

The products for auction does not need any physical location in case of online auction. The inventory can be managed online and upon sale the product can be shipped physically. As bidders participate via online, the results are also instantly flashed on the website without any time delay. The bid amount or price is updated as and when the bidding is placed. The results are shown on the site immediately when a bidder wins the product.

In order to list a product via our Auction section we charge 5% commission + premium membership or if you wish us to help you sell your product, please send us an email with product details and we can market the product for you at a 25% commission rate without membership requirement.

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